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  • How often can I use the tanning booth?
    You may tan once during a 24 hour period per the FDA regulations. For example if you tan at 2pm on Wednesday, you cannot come tan again until 2pm on the next day, Thursday.
  • Do I need to use eyewear?
    YES! Eyewear is required when tanning in a UV booth/bed. UV light can penetrate the skin on your eyelids causing damage. It is not sufficient to simply close your eyes when tanning. Same concept as wearing sunglasses when you're outdoors.
  • Why should I use lotion?
    Using tanning lotion not only enhances your tan, but it also provides nutrients for your skin. We like to keep inventory of tanning lotions that contain top of the line skin ingredients to help with anti-aging, color correcting, hydration, and more. Keeping your skin moisturized is key to maintaining a longer lasting tan.
  • How many minutes can I tan for?
    If it is your first time indoor tanning or you haven't tanned in a while, we recommend starting at half the time or based on your skin type per the Fitzpatrick Scale. After that, we recommend increasing your time by 1-2 minutes as long as your skin is not burning. **If you believe you can tan for the full time and it is your first time tanning with us or you haven't been tanning in a while, you may sign a Full Time Request waiver to bypass our recommendations.
  • How old can I be to tan?
    The FDA law requires a person to be at least 17 years old to UV tan. Those who are 17 will need a parent or guardians permission and signature at their first visit.
  • How do tanning memberships work?
    Tanning memberships are the most cost effective for those who tan regularly! Our tanning memberships require 3 full monthly payments (HT to Go requires 6 full months) . After you fulfil the the required payments, you may cancel at any time as long as it is before the 25th of the month. For example, if you sign up on January 12th you will be pro-rated for the rest of the month. Your 3 payments will then be February, March, and April. You will be debited on the 1st of each month. If you decide you do not want to continue tanning after April, you will need to cancel by April 25th. However, if you did want to continue to tan after your 3 months, you may keep your membership rolling as long as you like! **Please keep in mind, if your credit card is declined on the 1st of the month for whatever reason, you will be assessed a $25 decline fee due to the charges the salon will incur. You may change the card that we have on file on your account at any time. **As stated above, HT to Go memberships require 6 full payments.
  • When do I need to cancel my membership?
    After you fulfill 3 or 6 payments depending on your membership type, you are eligible to cancel by the 25th of your third or sixth month. If you are continuing past month 3 or 6, it is by the 25th of each month there after.
  • What's the difference between airbrushing and a spray tan?
    Airbrushing is done by a certified technician and is done by appointment only. Spray tans are done by a booth and can be done at any time during our business hours. We take spray tans up to 30 minutes before closing.
  • What type of sunless products do you use?
    We use Norvell products for both our airbrushes and spray tans. We also keep inventory of Norvell maintenance products to keep your sunless tans long lasting.
  • What prep should I do before coming in for a sunless tan?
    Before coming in for a sunless tan you should shower, shave, and exfoliate at least 24 hours prior to your session. Your skin should be clean with no face or body lotion, deodorant, makeup, or any perfumes. Wear baggy clothing that is dark colored. It is recommended to not wear jewelry. We do offer disposable undergarments, nose filters, and eyewear for minimal purchase to use during your session.
  • How long do I need to wait to shower?
    We recommend to wait 6-8 hours after an airbrush or spray to shower. Your first shower should be a warm water rinse only. **We do have a rapid airbrush solution that cuts down shower time to 1-3 hours depending on your desired color.
  • How long will it take for my tan to develop?
    DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), the main ingredient in sunless tanning, has a development time of 24 hours to see your final result.
  • How long will my tan last?
    Your sunless tan should last 5-7 days as long as you are moisturizing and refraining from products and activities that will strip or fade your tan. These include alcohol based sunscreens, other self tanning lotions, exfoliators, chlorine, and even too hot of showers.
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