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What We Offer

Whether you're preparing for vacation, going to an event, or just need to kick the seasonal blues good-bye, we offer a wide variety of products and services to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

See our FAQ's page for questions.

Beach Time
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UV Services

Our tanning consultants will help you choose the appropriate booth/bed based on your skin level and tanning goals.

**Please be mindful you need to wait a full 24 hours between tanning sessions per the FDA law.**


MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS: Minimum of 3 full payments. No sign up fees. Must cancel in person at our salon. No early cancellations are allowed for ANY reason. HT TO GO membership is a 6 full payment membership program and can not be cancelled until 6 full payments are debited.

All Inclusive

Unlimited tanning in all UV levels, 2 venetian spray tans & 20% off lotions.


Unlimited tanning in the HT54 booth

High Pressure/Ultra

Unlimited tanning in all UV stand up booths.

HT to Go

Pay as you go tanning:

KBL: $20, HP/Ultra: $12, HT60:$8, HT54: $6, Venetian Spray Tan: $25, Clear Spray Tan: $20                 


Unlimited tanning in the HT60 & HT54 booths.

Individual Tans, Packages, & 1 Month

When purchasing a 5,10, or 20 tanning package, they do not expire and can be shared. 1 month unlimited tanning cannot be shared.


1 TAN $27
5 TANS $120
10 TANS $215
20 TANS $395
1 MONTH $285


1 TAN $16
5 TANS $72
10 TANS $145
20 TANS $225
1 MONTH $ 84

High Pressue/Ultra

1 TAN $24
5 TANS $105
10 TANS $205
20 TANS $375
1 MONTH $150


1 TAN $20
5 TANS $95
10 TANS $170
20 TANS $275
1 MONTH $ 105

Sunless Services

We currently offer airbrushing and spray tanning using Norvell products.


By appointment only by a certified Norvell airbrush tech. Currently booking on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Call 610-495-2222 to schedule and receive pre-tan preparation tips.



Get a beautiful light/medium tan that will be sure to make your skin glow. Full results will show in 24 hours.



Receive a beautiful off the beach dark tan with results that will be fully seen within 24 hours of the session.



Airbrush tan that can be rinsed in 1 hour for light, 2 hours for medium, 3 hours for dark. Full results in 24 hours.

Spray Tanning

Please call the salon prior to your spray tan session and speak with one of our tanning consultants for tips and tricks on preparation. Clear goes on colorless, while Venetian provides an immediate cosmetic bronze. Full color results take 6-8 hours to develop. 


1 SPRAY     $35.00
5 SPRAYS  $150.00


1 SPRAY     $45.00
5 SPRAYS  $175.00


Check out our current in stock products that will help enhance, prolong, and maintain your UV or sunless tan.

Brands include Devoted Creations, Designer Skin, Ed Hardy, Norvell, Hempz & more!

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